Fuel Injection Service in Kelowna, BC

If your car is experiencing hesitation, jerking motions, or a decrease in fuel efficiency, it could be a sign of trouble with your fuel injection system. To achieve optimal performance, bring your vehicle to A Plus Automotive in Kelowna, BC for spectacular fuel injection services. We have access to equipment and products to diagnose and service all your fuel injection needs, ensuring your Kelowna adventures are never interrupted.

Fuel injection service involves cleaning and maintaining the fuel injectors in your vehicle’s engine. Fuel injectors are responsible for delivering the precise amount of fuel into the engine’s combustion chamber. These injectors can become clogged with carbon deposits and other contaminants, leading to decreased performance, reduced fuel efficiency, and even engine misfires.

Why Do You Need Fuel Injection Service

To Improve Fuel Efficiency

Clean fuel injectors ensure that the engine receives the optimal amount of fuel, which can lead to better fuel economy. In a place like Kelowna, where driving conditions can vary, maintaining good fuel efficiency is essential.

To Better Performance

Bad fuel injectors can cause your engine to run rough and produce less power. The service can restore your engine’s performance.

To Limit Emissions

A well-maintained fuel injection system helps reduce harmful emissions, contributing to a cleaner environment.

As a locally owned and operated shop that has been around since 2000, we take pride in providing trustworthy auto services. Our state-of-the-art facility and skilled technicians are equipped to work on all makes and models, including diesel trucks. Our customers enjoy these wonderful benefits:

  • Clean and comfortable waiting area
  • Free coffee, juice, tea, water, and Wi-Fi
  • Local shuttle service
  • Contactless payment options and financing options
  • 2-year/40,000-kilometer NAPA warranty on all qualified repairs

Trust A Plus Automotive for Your Fuel Injection Service

If you are interested in our fuel injection service, please give us a call or book an appointment online with A Plus Automotive today. We look forward to seeing you at our Kelowna auto repair shop.

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