4 Of The Best Cars Under $15,000

Whether buying your first car or just staying under budget, the $15,000 price point is a balance of performance, comfort, and reliability. You will be able to find quite a lot of vehicles, from newer models with fewer extras to older ones with more features because of their price depreciation over the years. For that reason, we have chosen vehicles from 2014 to 2016, because of their lower price but still packing a lot in the looks and performance departments. Continue reading to find out our top three picks for cars under $15,000.

2015 Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86/Scion FRS

If you are looking for a sportier-looking car, the Toyota and Subaru have something to offer. This vehicle shares a platform and is almost completely identical to the others - the BRZ/86/FRS. They come with a flat-4 engine making a respectable 200 HP - keep in mind that it's a couple; therefore lighter than usual. If you are into customizations, there is a big aftermarket for everything from bumpers to interior kits. It's a great, reliable vehicle that can be found under the names of three manufacturers. 

2014 VW Golf/Golf GTI

You have probably come across a VW Golf in the streets or in a parking lot. They are everywhere! And that isn't just because they are a very good budget pick. They also offer quite a lot - some even say that they are some of the most enjoyable cars to drive. Maintenance costs are also very good because of the VW family and all its shared parts. The normal version comes with a 2.5L five-cylinder engine making 170 HP and the GTI, with a 2.0L turbocharged four-cylinder - 200 HP. Both have options for manual and automatic transmissions and are FWD, making them perfect for new and skilled drivers.

2015/16 Dodge Charger

When it comes to American-made budget vehicles, there are quite a lot of options. But, if you are looking for a reliable, yet spacious and speedy car, the Charger and all of its trims are the answer. Depending on the trim and year, they can be found anywhere from $9,000 to $20,000. Engines vary, with some being a supercharged V8. We won't give exact numbers because there is a lot that has been customized and trimmed, making it even more varied. The Charger is a great, reliable sedan, so watch out for good deals!

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