Difference Between Check Engine Light Flashing Vs. Solid

Every car owner has had the check engine light on at least once, and they know it's not good news. Despite that, if the car continues to run, seemingly without a problem, it's shrugged off and forgotten until it's too late. This is especially bad if the check engine light is blinking. Wondering why? Reading on, you will find out the differences between a solid and flashing engine light.

Solid Check Engine Light

When the check engine light is turned on and is not blinking, it serves as a warning. A warning that something is about to break or malfunction - you can also say that it is pointing directly to a repair shop. 

Blinking Check Engine Light

A check engine light that is blinking means big trouble. It blinks, so your attention is drawn to it. Something serious inside of the vehicle has happened and needs repair ASAP.

Despite its name, the check engine light doesn't only mean problems in the engine. It also means the transmission, electrical system, brakes, or something else has failed - the worst part is that several of them can fail at the same time.

What Can It Cause If Ignored?

While the light itself can't do anything, it signals you that something is wrong - especially if it's blinking. This can result in bad fuel economy, leaks, unresponsiveness while driving, and in the worst case, a blown engine. And let's just say that a blown engine repair is one of the most expensive procedures that can be done.

To avoid further trouble, keep an eye on the dashboard and take notice if the check engine light comes on. If it does, visiting a repair shop can save you a lot of nerves and money.

When the flashing light illuminates, you may notice other vehicle issues, such as a rough or bumpy ride, screeching noises, difficult steering, and an engine that loses power. It's very common for things to get even worse over time. Please schedule a repair or an inspection with A Plus Automotive soon!

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