How Does My Car's Steering Wheel Turn So Effortlessly?

How Does Power Steering Work? | A Plus Automotive

Have you ever wondered about the marvel of your car's steering system? You hop into the driver's seat, place your hands on the steering wheel, and with a gentle turn, you effortlessly navigate the road. But have you ever asked yourself, "How is turning the steering wheel on my car so easy?" - we will let you in on a secret about that, but only if you continue reading!

Power Steering - The Magic Behind Everything

The key to your car's easy steering lies in a technological advancement known as power steering. Before its invention back in 1926, turning the wheel required significant physical effort, especially at low speeds or when parking. Power steering changed the game by adding a hydraulic or electric component that amplifies the force you apply to the steering wheel.

There are several steering mechanisms, but two shine the brightest:

Hydraulic Power Steering

In hydraulic power steering systems, a power steering pump is connected to your engine. While steering, the pump sends the high-pressure hydraulic fluid to a power steering gearbox or rack device.

The power steering gearbox or rack contains a piston that assists in turning the wheels. When you turn the steering wheel, the hydraulic fluid pressure pushes against this piston, making it easier to turn the wheels. With modern iterations, they are assisted by a variable mechanism, allowing them to function even better at low and high speeds.

Electric Power Steering

Electric power steering systems have no hydraulic fluid involved - therefore, their name. Instead, an electric motor mounted on or near the steering column provides the necessary assistance. Sensors detect your steering input and vehicle speed, sending data to a control unit - it calculates the required assistance.

Then, the electric motor adjusts the steering force accordingly, making the wheel easier to turn. Like hydraulic systems, electric power steering can vary the level of assistance based on driving conditions.

Advantages of Easy Steering

Reduced Fatigue
Easy steering reduces the physical effort required to maneuver your vehicle, reducing driver fatigue, especially during long journeys or in heavy traffic.

Enhanced Control
The ease of steering means you can respond quickly and accurately to changes in road conditions or unexpected obstacles, improving safety.

Parking Convenience
Maneuvering into tight parking spaces or parallel parking becomes less challenging, thanks to the assistance provided by power steering.

Steering System Problems? A Plus Automotive is Here to Help!

If you are having issues turning your steering wheel or, even worse, it can't turn at all, contact us at A Plus Automotive so we can take a look! 


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