Safe Night Time Driving Tips

Driving at night, in the dark, comes with a number of challenges that aren’t present during the daytime. It is a dangerous activity. No matter how seasoned of a driver you are, or how great your eyesight is, it is statistically shown that more car accidents happen at night than at any other time of day. Here are some tips to combat the hazards of driving past sunset:

  • Don’t Skip Eye Appointments - We’re not trying to be your mom or dad, but annual eye appointments are key to making sure your eyes are healthy and in good shape to see the road at night. Naturally, our eyes weaken with age. So, you may find yourself needing some glasses or contacts at one point.
  • Check Your Car’s Headlights - Another great tip we have to offer is to test your headlights. You’re going to rely on them more with less daylight this season. They should be bright enough and aim at a proper angle.
  • Always Be On the Lookout for Wildlife - Canadian wildlife is unlike anywhere else. If you live in non-urban areas, you may come across bears, deer, coyotes, and more. Make sure to lower your speeds on back roads just in case they want to make an appearance.
  • Keep Your Windshield Clean & Replace Windshield Wipers - A dirty windshield can make it difficult for you to see at night. Other vehicle headlights and street lights can cause glares that may hinder your visibility. Try your best to keep your windshield clean by topping off on windshield washer solvent. Don't forget to replace your wipers every 6-12 months also!

We hope these tips find you well and encourage you to take the necessary steps for safer driving this season! If your car is due for service or repairs, look no further than the friendly and helpful team at A Plus Automotive in Kelowna, BC.

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