What Are The Most Common Exhaust System Problems?

Wondering what are common signs of exhaust system problems for your vehicle are and how to prevent them from causing long-term engine damage? Having your vehicle serviced at regular intervals is the best way to prevent costly automotive repairs from cropping up. Following are a few examples of common issues that can lead to long-term damage with your vehicle's exhaust system.

Common Signs of Exhaust System Problems

Faulty Gaskets and Seals - broken gaskets and seals can prevent toxic or harmful gassing from seeping into your vehicle's exhaust system. In most cases, a malfunctioning manifold gasket or seal will cause unusual noises coming from the engine.

If you notice hissing, knocking, or tapping sounds coming from your car engine, take your vehicle in for service with a certified auto mechanic as soon as possible.

Malfunctioning Oxygen Sensor - faulty oxygen sensors are another cause of engine and exhaust system problems. If the oxygen sensor in your car or truck is faulty, it can't perform the essential function of regulating the air and gas mixture in your vehicle. When this happens, exhaust systems can suffer. Reduced gas mileage or a clogged catalytic converter are often the effects of prolonged driving with a damaged oxygen sensor.

Exhaust System Leaks - exhaust leaks happen when there are cuts, holes, or abrasions within your vehicle's exhaust system. These dangerous leaks can cause a "rough ride" and carbon monoxide leaks. If you notice a strong odor of gasoline together with your vehicle vibrating or shaking while you drive, contact a mechanic immediately.

Exposure, Rust and Natural Elements - rust on your car, truck, or SUV can lead to problems with your engine exhaust. Prolonged exposure to rust caused by the elements like rain or snow and the chemicals used to treat them can cause breaks or holes in your exhaust system. Take care of any noticeable rust spots as soon as you see them to prevent long-term damage to your vehicle's exterior or exhaust.

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