What are the Signs of Bad Fuel Injectors?

With over a thousand parts, how is a vehicle affected by a component as mall as a fuel injector? The fuel injectors are one of the most important elements in your car. Without them, or when they malfunction, it affects the most important role of a vehicle, locomotion. But what exactly do fuel injectors do?

The function of fuel injectors

Before each combustion stroke, fuel injectors basically give the right quantity of gasoline to the engine. The gasoline is evenly distributed as a spray to each cylinder, ensuring an ideal combustion in the combustor. Any imperfection in the fuel flow to the cylinder might cause severe engine issues or even a failure. Based on the driver's demands in the moment, an electronic unit determines and regulates the electrochemical stimulation for releasing and closing the injectors. In order to inject the proper quantity of gas, the control module unlocks the injector for the necessary period of time. If you want to know whether you have dirty fuel injectors, here are some of the signs you might notice;

Misfire in engines

The engine will malfunction while you're driving if the injector is blocked and does not discharge enough gasoline into the engine. When you press the accelerator pedal, your car will either have trouble moving forward or halt.

Irritable idle noise

When idling, an automobile often makes a quiet rumbling. It can indicate damaged fuel injectors if you detect that the tone has changed from being quiet to a harsh and irritating one. This happens when debris accumulates on the injector tips, reducing the fuel flow and atomization. The loud sound may also be caused by clogged air purifiers, damaged spark plugs, or other parts, but it may also be a sign of faulty fuel injectors.

Check Engine Alert Lamp

The dashboard-mounted engine alert light is the most typical indicator of a malfunctioning fuel injector. This will come on as immediately as an injector is acting improperly. Although there are several distinct causes for a check engine warning to illuminate, a fuel injector might be the first thing you should consider. When the injector is supplying either excess or less fuel, the ECU turns on the warning light.

Fuel Injection Service in Kelowna, BC

While you might not need to replace your fuel injectors, they might require a cleaning from time to time. Either way, If you need fuel injector repair performed, we invite you to bring your vehicle to A Plus Automotive today!


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