What Causes Brake Rotors to Warp?

Brake rotors are the circular plates that are mounted to the wheels of a car. They are located between the brake pads and the wheels. They are responsible for helping the car stop when the brakes are applied. When the brake pedal is pressed, the brake pads clamp down on the brake rotors, causing the car to slow down or stop.

Brake rotors are typically made of cast iron or steel and are designed to withstand the high levels of heat and stress that are generated when the brakes are applied. However, in certain circumstances, brake rotors can warp. There are several factors that can cause brake rotors to warp:

Excessive Heat

Brake rotors can become warped if they get too hot. This can happen if the brake pads are worn down and the metal backing plate is rubbing against the rotor, or if the brakes are overused or applied for an extended period of time.

Improper Installation

If the brake rotors are not installed the right way, it can cause them to warp. This can happen if the rotors are not properly aligned or if the mounting bolts are tightened too much.

Sudden Stops

Making sudden or hard stops can cause the brake rotors to warp. This is because the rotors are subjected to high levels of stress and heat when the brakes are applied suddenly.

Poor Quality Rotors

Low quality brake rotors are more likely to warp. They may not be as resistant to heat and stress as higher quality rotors, which can cause them to warp more easily.

If you notice that your brake rotors may be damaged or warped, it's essential to have them replaced as soon as possible. Driving with warped rotors can cause vibration when braking, reduce braking efficiency, and even increase the risk of a crash. To have your brake rotors checked or to get vehicle repair of any kind, please bring your vehicle to A Plus Automotive today!


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