What Is a Cooling System Flush?

Picture a hot summer day with no AC in sight. That is how your car begins to feel when your coolant is depleted or intoxicated. It basically becomes your vehicle's way of telling you it needs a coolant flush.

Coolant flush: what is it?

It is critical to keep your coolant system in excellent working order by flushing it on a regular basis. A coolant flush removes all of the old coolant and subsequent chemical residues from your engine. The whole system is then refilled with new coolant, allowing the engine to function smoothly once more. Conditioners may be added in some cases to extend the life of your coolant. These conditioners keep rust and corrosion at bay.

Is a Coolant Flush Required?

Your car service professionals will frequently recommend whether or not you need a coolant cleanse. Aside from expert advice, your vehicle's operation, condition, and performance are frequently strong indicators of why a coolant flush is necessary. You are the most familiar with your car, and any problems will be obvious to you. Here are various indicators that a coolant flush is required:


When your automobile overheats, it indicates that there is too much heat in the engine. This implies that your engine does not have access to the thermal balancing provided by coolant.

Internal Vehicle Cues

Keep an eye on the internal temperature or heat indicator in your car. If your engine overheats, your check engine light illuminates, or your vehicle displays warning indications of trouble, a coolant flush can help alleviate some of the excess pressure on your engine.

The vehicle's age

If you've been driving your car for more than five years, you seriously require a coolant flush; this is the amount of time it takes for dirt and rust to accumulate in your system.

Car Smells of Sweet Maple Syrup

A need for a coolant flush is indicated by an engine odor that may imitate the smell of pancakes. Antifreeze contains a compound, which is noted for its pleasant odor. As your vehicle burns through coolant, it may emit odors similar to maple syrup or pancakes. While the fragrance is pleasant, it indicates that your engine requires care as it depletes the lifespan of your antifreeze.


While you might not know the first thing about flushing and filling a coolant, the experts at our shop know exactly what you need. Do not hesitate to stop by A Plus Automotive for a coolant system flush.

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