Which Is Better for Your Tires: Nitrogen or Air?

Tires have an indispensable role when it comes to all vehicles. On average, most drivers don't pay as much attention to their tires as they should. A big topic of discussion that might've never crossed your mind is whether people should fill their tires with air or nitrogen.

Commercial vehicles have been using nitrogen to inflate their tires for a while now. Recently, there's been talks that nitrogen is a better choice for your everyday car tires. You should consider some things when comparing nitrogen vs. air-filled tires.

  1. Cost: When looking at which will be more cost-efficient, air is an obvious winner. Most places won't even charge you for filling your tires with air. However, if you took your tires and asked for nitrogen, you can expect to pay extra. 
  2. Consistency: Consistency with your tire pressure is essential. Nitrogen takes the win in this aspect. It is easier for air to seep out of tires over time. In contrast, nitrogen tires will deflate slower than tires inflated with air.
  3. Longevity: Naturally, tires wear down over time and sometimes even corrode. You can typically anticipate tire wear, but you're less likely to experience corroding with nitrogen tires. Air in your tires will likely bring in moisture which will cause the casing inside to corrode. 

As you can see, there are benefits to both types of tires. At A Plus Automotive, our tire experts would be happy to consult with you regarding what is best for your vehicle. If you need tire services or have questions regarding tires, please feel free to give our Kelowna auto repair shop a call or visit today.

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