The owner had called me and was extremely rude after I asked him to clarify a few questions about the problem with my truck. Upon asking these questions he began to tell me that he had already told me 2 or 3 times what was wrong. I proceeded by telling him he had horrible customer service skills and I told him I was coming down to get my truck and I hung up. Immediately after hanging up he called back and said you do not get the truck until you pay the bill and he made a remark that was something to the effect that "NOBODY TALKS TO ME THIS WAY" and then he hung up on me. So I waited an hour or so to cool off and find a mediator to bring with me because I was sure that it was going to be a heated exchange when I went there to pay the bill and get my keys. An hour or so passes and I go down there with my father! We walk into the office and there is only one guy on the phone, we wait patiently till he is done and hangs up the phone, then I say are you ******? To which he reply's yes and I say "you sure have a way with word's" immediately after I say that he jumps up and starts yelling at me and we began to exchange words and at one point he got right up in my face to try to intimidate me and he was continually telling me to get out and a couple times I felt he was about to try to drag me outside. I kept telling him all I want to do is pay and I will leave. He threatened to call the cops and I said good, you are holding my truck for no reason! All this was going on when there was an elderly lady waiting to be helped. The reason he kept yelling while she was in there was because he thought we she was my mom. So apparently it is OK to scream and cuss in front of an elderly woman as long as that woman is my mom! After this owner showed his true colors and how he feels about his customers and how he is I would not recommend this garage to anyone!!!!!


They were extremely friendly, went out of their way to fix our car a few hours after we phoned without even making an appointment! Don't just go to the nearest place, they are worth it! Definitely recommend. Thanks Colin!

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